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Who Is She? A Bechdel Test Fest Podcast explores the legacy of an extraordinary woman in film and how she has changed the landscape of cinema for the better.

For our first episode Beth, Corrina, Steph, and Caitlin discuss the career of multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Josephine Decker, alongside the release of her latest feature Madeline’s Madeline which we screened to a sold-out crowd at Barbican Centre in May 2019. Featuring an interview with Decker herself, this episode delves into her artistic background and explores how she is building an expressive and evolving body of work.

Josephine Decker

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Who Is She? A Bechdel Test Fest Podcast is a Bechdel Test Fest production. It was written and hosted by Beth Webb and produced by Stephanie Watts, with additional support from Corrina Antrobus and Caitlin Quinlan.

Our music was written and produced by Zoe Mead, check out her band Wyldest on all major streaming platforms. Madeline’s Madeline clips were courtesy of MUBI.

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