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me btf Corrina Antrobus

Corrina launched the Bechdel Test Fest in 2014. When she was made redundant from her film marketing role in 2013, she spent her downtime setting up Bechdel Test Fest, growing it into an award-nominated film festival that has been celebrated by The Guardian, The Independent, Little White Lies and the late-but-great The Dissolve. Since embarking on Bechdel Test Fest, Corrina has written for publications including The F Word, Total Film and Sight & Sound magazine and has appeared on BBC Worldwide, BBC Radio 4’s The Film Programme and London Live.




Beth Webb 

Film Programmer & Event Producer

Beth is a film writer and programmer with over eight years experience in the industry. By day she is Assistant Producer for Film4 and Random Acts (Channel 4’s short film programme), and freelances for Aesthetica, Dazed and Confused as well as Broadly and The Telegraph. 

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