The Bechdel Test and the Incredible Artist Behind It

  It is rare in this world that a work of art reaches out of the ether to touch our shared reality; to change it in a real and meaningful way. It is almost unbelievable for most of us to imagine that piece of art could be a comic book. But that is what, amongst […]



Lost in Memory; The Hidden Frontiers of Youth In All This Panic

When we think back to our youth, that brief time in which we were suspended somewhere between our childhood and the unknown of adulthood, there is a tendency to remember in tropes. That time when you first drank too much alcohol, when you realized something that could open you up could shut you right back […]



Channeling our Teenage Demons Through Margaret’s Lisa

Watching Anna Paquin as the elaborately neurotic Lisa in Margaret is as embarrassing as it is empowering. Lisa embodies that humorously memorable time when we were Just So Sure; sure everyone was intellectually beneath us, kept aglow by the seething thoughts of  Just You Wait. Spoiler alert – there is no ‘Margaret’ in Margaret. The movie […]



Good Things To Happen For Women in Film: December

Well folks, we made it. Just about. December has seen another brutal cull of our most beloved movie stars (and honorary gamechanger George Michael) as this month we said a bitter farewell to Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher. We also waved goodbye to Zsa Zsa Gábor, Florence Henderson, TV Royale Liz Smith and Indian actor turned politician Jayaram […]


new film

Feminist Film Resolutions for 2018 (and beyond)

Plenty of stats will remind you that women are not quite out of the woods in the search for better rep in film. But hey, new year, new hope and here’s to new ways of thinking that, actually, you can help chip away at the patriarchy. Here’s just five resolutions you can apply immediately in […]


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Bechdel Test Fest’s zine: GIRLS GOTTA EAT!

  Back due to popular demand! VERY LIMITED STOCK! A beautiful compendium on two of our favourite things – film and food all flavoured with a feminist perspective! 22 delicious features plus tasty illustrations from a smorgasbord of female writers and artists from London to Paris, New York to Canada. We’re using this zine to highlight women who […]


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