Our Girl Friday

Our Girl Friday is our weekly nod to a fantastic female in film. Its name is inspired by Howard Hawks’ 1940 film His Girl Friday starring the fabulous Rosalind Russell.

It’s important to note the good things actors, filmmakers and critics do with their talents and this weekly spot gives us the opportunity to share how we’re inspired by their work. Got a suggestion for an Our Girl Friday? We want to hear it. Check our Facebook or Twitter each Friday to see who we’ll be hailing next!

Nora Ephron

27 May: Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron’s films threw gender politics into sharp relief, treating matters of the heart with as much as importance as those of the head. She gave an air of wise and womanly worldliness, like an elegant, advice-giving aunt who had seen it all and lived to write the tale. In her work, she was funny […]


meg ryan

20 May: Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan got her big break thanks to Nora Ephron and ‘that’ orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally. Previous to this, Meg was studying to be a journalist but dropped out when her talent was spotted in various ads and TV shows. Meg soon became the muse for Nora Ephron and appeared in four […]



13 May: Deniz Gamze Erguven

Deniz’s debut feature Mustang wowed critics at last year’s Cannes, and was the only film directed by a woman to be nominated for an Oscar at the 2016 awards. Now, Mustang comes to UK cinemas! Hooray! Co-written with her fellow La Femis Institute alumnus Alice Winocour (Disorder), Mustang tells the story of Sonay, Selma, Ece, […]


joan crawford

6 May: Joan Crawford

  This week sees the re-release of western Johnny Guitar hailed by the NY Times as a ‘proto-feminist masterwork’. Playing a feisty saloon owner, Crawford is the helm in a genre where women usually play second fiddle and fights for her business and liberty when accused of murder. Once a wannabe dancer, Joan began a […]


Pietra Brettkelly  A Kiwi in Afghanistan   Stuff.co.nz

29 April: Pietra Brettkelly

  The award-winning director today sees the release of her new doc A Flickering Truth. Hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as a film ‘For those who see film as a vital part of local culture’, Pietra’s work investigates how the Afghan Film archives survived the Taliban and offers a new take on the importance of […]



22 April: Isabelle Huppert

In Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s latest film Louder Than Bombs, the legendary French actress plays a very famous and very depressed war photojournalist with workaholic tendencies who may or may not have killed herself. She’s excellent as an artist struggling with the pull of her work and the pain of leaving her family for long […]


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