Good Things To Happen For Women In Film


June 2016

‘Turbulent’ is putting it mildly when talking about the events of June 2016. Mustering any type of celebration almost feels crass or pointless in the dawn of this political turmoil and Brexit blues. But we must persist and with the help of this month’s guest editor (the relentlessly talented writer, programmer, poet and author Sophie Mayer), we shall […]


sophie mayer profile

This Month’s Guest Editor – Sophie Mayer

Meet this month’s guest editor for our Good Things To Happen For Women In Film who has many strings to her bow. Sophie Mayer is the author of POLITICAL ANIMALS: THE NEW FEMINIST CINEMA (IB Tauris, 2015), and works with queer feminist curators Club des Femmes and film industry campaigners Raising Films. She is a regular contributor […]



Female Writers, Directors & Leads May 2016

In a bumper month of cinematic releases (a whopping 64!) here’s all the female writers, directors and female leads of May 2016 as compiled by our guest editors for May – Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah! (Because stats…tell stories!) May Top Lines  Cinematic Release: 64 Films directed by women: 12 (19%) Films with a female lead/s and […]



May 2016

Mustang rode away with our hearts, BFI get serious about 50% funding for women, Viola Davis and Kerry Washington continue to prove how bad ass they are and this month’s guest editor’s Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah give us the run down on their web series launch party! Behold, just some of the Good Things To […]



Meet Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah!

Here at BTF, we’re inviting women doing fabulous things in the fight for better on screen rep to guest edit our monthly Good Things To Happen For Women In Film and this May, we welcomed Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah to the editor’s desk! The trio, Charlotte Lowdell, Laura Kirwan-Ashman and Aya Arden-Clarke have an arsenal of talents from […]



April 2016

Andrea Arnold provides the beacon of hope at the sausage fest that is Cannes, bad stats but good talk, and Beyonce draws attention to some of film’s most poignant filmmakers (who aren’t Terrence Malick).  Here’s the lemonade we’ve made from this month’s lemons in our monthly Good Things To Happen For Women In Film. Beyonce […]


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