Bechdel Test Fest is proud to present a very special preview of Support The Girls, a workplace comedy that celebrates the everywoman and champions the spirit of sisterhood.

Regina Hall delivers an award-winning performance as Lisa, an overworked, underappreciated middle manager for roadside “breastaurant” Double Whammies, where over the course of the shift from hell, an attempted robbery, a dodgy tattoo and a rat infestation prove the very least of her woes.

Leading a stellar cast of rising stars including Hayley Lu Richardson (Edge of Seventeen, Columbus) and rapper-turned-actress Shayna McHayle, Hall plays the kind of local heroine that everyone has worked with at one point; a woman whose generosity of spirit can make even the worst work bearable.

Join Bechdel Test Fest for a post-film chat about the film, with special guests to be annouced!


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