Moonstruck + w/ Ruby Tandoh, Zoe Adjonyoh & Rebecca May Johnson

Moonstruck – 25 February 2:30 pm – Genesis Cinema, Mile End London

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We’re teaming with food queen Ruby Tandoh to present an afternoon of film, food, thoughtful chatter and a 35mm screening of Oscar-winning classic Moonstruck.

In celebration of Ruby’s nourishing new book Eat Up!, a manifesto that reignites the pleasure of eating, we’ll be co-hosting a 30th Anniversary presentation of Moonstruck in 35mm, a film with food and love at its core with a mesmerising, Oscar-winning performance by Cher.

Set in Brooklyn Heights, Moonstruck is renowned for its romance but memorable for its wheels of buttery cheese, yellow egg yolks melting into fresh bread and family dramatics around the dinner table.

Nicholas Cage sweats over a fire oven with a wooden hand and a chip on his shoulder. Cher kicks a bright soda can down an empty street at dawn. It delights in the deliciousness of Italian American cuisine, and there’s some electric scandal in there if you’re still feeling hungry.

After the film, join Ruby, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen owner and author Zoe Adjonyoh and cook and writer Rebecca May Johnson, plus Beth Webb of the Bechdel Test Fest to discuss Eat Up!, Moonstruck and our relationships with food. Book signings will follow, with copies of Eat Up! available to buy on the day.



About Ruby: Ruby Tandoh is an author and journalist who writes for, among others, the Guardian, Elle and Vice. A finalist on the 2013 Great British Bake Off, she has published two cookery books, Crumb and Flavour.

#WomenInFilm2018 is presented in association with Birds Eye View, Hackney Wicked Women, WFTV, F-Rated, Bechdel Test Fest and #genesisters. As part of this year-long season, we’ll be screening only films that have: a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead.

Disclaimer: Although Moonstruck was released in 1987, the original national release date was in 1988.
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