5 Reasons You Should Watch Wonderland


Never seen Wonderland? Wondering why we’re singing its praises? Here are just five mighty good reasons to discover your new favourite Londoner’s movie with us this Sunday at the Vault Festival, 3pm.

1: If you’ve ever sat on the top deck of a night bus after a disappointing night and wondered if you’re doomed to die alone surrounded by your collection of thimbles and fridge magnets.

2: Wonderland was released in 1999, the same year as the oddly prim Notting Hill. While Roger Michell was painting London as a jolly, whitewashed city free of traffic jams and working-class people, Michael Winterbottom was evoking kitchen sink drama feels and painting a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be a woman in the capital.

3: If you’ve looked for romance in all the wrong places but no matter how many times you’ve been burned you still…still…have faith in love.

Gina bus
4: Have you heard Michael Nyman’s score? It’s a dream. It elevates the optimism, faith, and humanity found in the whistle of any Londoner and we’ve got talented musician Teresa Kelly playing the most memorable cuts on a live piano. Listen on Spotify here.

5: You know, recognise or feel the need for sisterhood and are ready to let Gina Mckee, Molly Parker and Shirley Henderson remind you how special that is.


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p.s, A bonus reason? You get to remember the talents of now-retired Stuart Townsend (mins the pink pillow, alas) 

Stuart Townsend

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