9 Jan: Margaret + Nasty Women Intro



Monday 9 January / 6.30PM / Picturehouse Central

For our first event of 2017, we’re teaming up with Picturehouse Central to present Kenneth Lonergan’s criminally under-screened drama Margaret! After a very limited run upon its release we’re thrilled to be bringing it back to the big screen and discussing the complexities of the dynamic female characters.

Lisa Cohen (Anna Paquin) is a spoiled high school student who witnesses a bus accident and finds herself increasingly entangled in its aftermath. It’s a a revelatory portrait of female neurosis in all its unwieldy power.

We’ll be introducing the film with a discussion on the history of female neurosis and our favorite complicated females on film as inspired by Paquin’s frustrated, ferociously intelligent and highly neurotic Lisa.

Join us in celebrating cinema’s difficult women and get to know Kenneth Lonergan’s ineffaceable filmmaking talent ahead of forthcoming Oscar-tipped release Manchester By The Sea (out nationwide 13 January).



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