4 November: Alexandra-Therese Keining


Alexandra-Therese Keining

Keining is the groundbreaking director and author whose debut HOT DOG (2002) made her Sweden’s youngest director. Her films tilt towards themes of sexuality and identity such as KISS ME which picked up Best Breakthrough at the American Film Institute for its positive depiction of gay and bisexual women. Keining’s aims are to tell ‘light’ movies with a ‘positive message’ something that she identified as missing from the typically glum depictions of these themes.

Her debut novel ’14’ is due for a big screen adaptation and she now has two films in development PARAMOUR and JUST LIKE BEAUTY – a dark dystopian comedy about a girl who enters a beauty patent to please her mother. Watch this space!

THE BOY (interestingly titled GIRLS LOST in English), premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2015 and is finally here in the UK from this weekend. Watch the Girls Lost trailer here! 

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