29 October: Chanya Button


Chanya Button is the first time director of Burn Burn Burn which, after being nominated for Best Film at LFF in 2015, is now out on general release!

This is one film with a lot of girl power; Laura Carmichae (Downtown Abbey) joins Chloe Pirrie to lead alongside a gaggle of dark comedy heroes, Alice Lowe, Sally Phillips and Alison Steadman in a morbid road trip cum buddy movie.

Burn Burn Burn was selected for the LOCO film fest this year – a festival well known for nurturing female talent – and walked away with The Discovery Award. The film went on to win two Audience Awards at Umbertide Cinema in Umbria, and Odessa International Film Festival.

Button has a refreshing and poignant take on answering the ‘female director’ questions inevitably given to women behind the camera: ‘The day I stop being asked about the accident of my gender, I will be living in a glorious Utopia’. However she also addresses the importance of keeping the conversation up on why women still struggle to get their films made: We need to shake off the taboo of speaking to this very real issue. A resolution will only come if we acknowledge this enormous disparity as a problem that we are all responsible for solving with practical, decisive action. So, I am committed to shouting about not being a boy. I AM NOT A BOY. AND I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE SOME MORE FILMS. WITH ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE IN THEM! YES! LET’S GET DIVERSITY ALL UP IN THOSE FILMS TOO! My ambition is boundless’.

Read more here and watch Burn Burn Burn this weekend!

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