22 July: Athina Rachel Tsangari


Athina’s Rachel Tsangari’s lengthy credits include Attenberg of which she directed and Before Midnight of which she co-produced, but this week her talents deserve a toast to her latest directing achievement CHEVALIER (out today!) which won Best Film in last year’s London Film Festival and will no doubt crop up on many ‘best of 2016’ end of year lists. It’s that good.

Athina’s witty and hilarious take on masculinity reveals her exceedingly wry observational skills. Although at times ludicrous, there’s a well of truth in her depiction of how men cohabit in a world that champions bravado and physicality as the makings of a man.

Erika Balsom writes brilliantly for Sight & Sound identifying the film’s feminist tilt despite the complete absence of women: ‘Chevalier emerges as that fascinating and seemingly paradoxical thing: a feminist film in which women are virtually absent from the screen’… Read the full review here, watch the trailer below and catch CHEVALIER in cinemas while you can!



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